Terminator 2 Zapper

The Terminator 2 – the Best Selling Zapper!

The Terminator2 Zapper by Don Croft

The Terminator 2 Zapper is a totally unique version of the Hulda Clark zapper. It is also the best selling zapper available and has been since it was first introduced years ago.

Designed and manufactured by Don and Carol Croft, the Terminator 2 Zapper contains uncommon components that are not found in other zappers:

  • ORGONE MATERIAL – Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term “orgone” in the 1930′s and pioneered the use of orgone energy for healing and other functions.
  • NEODYMIUM MAGNET – Neodymium (rare earth) magnets are very powerful. Numerous studies show that magnetic therapies help stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. The magnet used in the Terminator 2 helps increase the energy from the orgone material.
  • MOBIUS COIL – A coil of wire produces an energy field when pulsed with current. The Mobius coil in the Terminator 2 is no exception. Don Croft discovered that various components within the zapper design can organize and focus these energies.
  • NATURAL CRYSTAL – Don feels that spherical crystals provide a “smooth, calming” influence when used with his Terminator zapper. He originally started with quartz crystals, but is now working with amethysts and garnets.

The Terminator Zapper does NOT have any method of connecting handholds or wrist straps. It has a unique design that works by making direct contact with the skin. It is small in size (only 3″ x2″ x1″) and has no external connections, so there is simply no way to connect copper handholds, wrist straps or other external devices. The good news is external connections are not needed with the Terminator. That’s only one reason why it’s widely considered to be the most convenient, easy-to-use zapper available and is the best-seller in the world.

Please Note: The Terminator 2 Zapper is a hand-made product and may have small scratches or imperfections on its case as a result of the tender loving care it receives when assembled. This is not due to previous use. We NEVER sell used Terminators.

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How does the Terminator II work?

An explanation by Don Croft

All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is negatively charged.

The zapper’s circuitry is built around a 555 timer integrated circuit which emits a nice, positive offset square wave of direct current from a nine-volt battery (stepped down to around 4.5volts and 3.5milliamps) at a frequency of about 20,000 times per second. “Positive offset” is a wave form that has alternating current characteristics. This may be important in the long run because it won’t alter the body’s natural electromagnetic field polarity.

Many researches have discovered by different paths that very weak electric current eliminates parasites. Dr. Clark’s circuitry, which I use in my zapper, is, I believe, the best design available. She and Geoff Clark, her son, who is an electronics engineer, had the benefit of a clinic in which to conduct their research over a period of years. I also appreciate Dr. Clark’s pragmatic approach and her courage in presenting this information.

I feel confident that parasites enjoy and thrive on all the vitamins, herbs and minerals that you send in there to correct the problems that are caused by the same parasites. Why else would these remedies be “hit or miss” solutions? You’re only getting leftovers. After you start using a zapper, when you eat those expensive herbs, vitamins, and minerals, I believe that you, instead of your non-paying passengers, can expect to have their benefits. Parasites can’t defend their positive polarity (shortage of electrons) against the introduction of simple direct current, however, and they die very quickly in its presence. Negative ions kill parasites whether they are from electric current, ozone, or magnets. The Terminator II zapper seems to me to be the most efficient delivery method for now.

Parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but disintegrate and are easily eliminated or assimilated as harmless nutrients. In fact, since they got most of the benefit from all the expensive supplements that you’ve been eating all these years, this could be your big nutritional payoff.

Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts, parasites with exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues), etc., will take longer to kill, but clearing the blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous system, of parasites early on will give your immune system a tremendous, immediate boost and when the hidden parasites come out of cysts and protected areas they are in for an unpleasant surprise.

This is only done to efficiently move the weak current through the skin, which is the body’s capacitor and protects our inside from random electrical charges, like static, which could otherwise harm us. Dr. Clark states that you can get adequate results from simply holding an electrode from one battery terminal in one hand and tapping an electrode from the other battery terminal with the other for ten minutes, but that the zapper’s frequency is simply a more efficient way to get the current into the body.

The Terminator II has been manufactured by Don Croft
according to Dr. Hulda Clark’s circuitry.

It was the addition of orgonite that turned the curative zapper into a genuine healing device in early 2000 and quickly led to the development of the Terminator, our zapper model, which many other manufacturers, here and abroad, are now emulating.

It’s mainly the addition of orgonite to our zappers that causes them to ‘feel good to use.’ That feeling is a result of orgonite transmuting one’s destructive emotions and the energy of parasites into strong life force (orgone). This enhances the healing, restorative processes in the body.

Carol and I add a proprietary mix of gems and minerals to each zapper’s ‘Orgonite’ block to enhance that interactive response and, frankly, to help us keep a competitive edge in the market.

Copyright Don Croft

2 comments on “Terminator 2 Zapper

  1. Katie on said:

    Is there a recommended cycle to use the T2? Dr. Hulda Clark’s original recommendation was to wear it 7 min. then a 20-30 min. rest, & do that 3x. But these improved models have different Hz levels, which I’d assume would change the timing needs. I believe I remember reading something about 20 min. minimums….??? 3x/ day…??? I don’t know… it all gets to be so much info out there…..

    What do you know about it?



    • Dennis on said:

      Hi, Katie. I believe Dr. Clark’s original recommendation was based on her desire to proceed cautiously. At that time the zapper was a revolutionary device and no one really knew what to expect from it once multitudes of people started zapping. So, although Dr. Clark felt strongly that zapping was safe and beneficial, she suggested a cautious schedule of zapping for 7 minutes, waiting 20 minutes, then repeating for a total of three 7 minute zapping sessions over an hour.

      Many people still zap this way but over the years the zapper has proven very, very safe and even Dr. Clark started recommending that people zap continuously for an hour or so per day. I’ve been zapping this way for years and it is widely accepted around the world as an effective method of zapping. Simply turn your zapper on and use it for at least 45 minutes while zapping continuously. If you get interrupted just pick back up and finish with at least a 7 minute zapping session as soon as you can. It’s a lot easier than the old way of timing those 7/20 minute sessions. Any Hulda Clark zapper can be used this way, regardless of the frequency or manufacturer.

      A lot of information about Hulda Clark and zappers is available in an online KnowledgeBase located here: http://www.yourhealthbydesign.com/kb_results.asp?cat=3

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